Thurstable and Winstree Team Ministry

serving the parishes of Tolleshunt Knights with Tiptree, Great Braxted, Copford, Easthorpe, Messing, Inworth,
Layer de la Haye, Layer Breton with Birch, and Layer Marney

The 'Layer' Parishes: Layer de la Haye • Layer Breton with Birch • Layer Marney

Ministry Team & Church Officers

Ministry Team

Team Rector: The Revd Anne-Marie Renshaw

Anne-Marie has overall responsibility
for leading ministry in the
benefice of Thurstable and Winstree,
and is based at Tiptree.

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The Revd Anne-Marie
Team Vicar: The Revd Lydia Smith

Lydia has day-to-day responsibility for leading ministry
in the parishes of Layer de la Haye, Layer Breton with Birch,
Layer Marney, Copford and Easthorpe.

Lydia is also Director of the Centre for Excellence in Rural Ministry
within the Diocese of Chelmsford. The Centre seeks to discover,
equip and promote best practice in rural multi-parish ministry.

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The Revd Lydia Smith
Lay Leadership: A number of lay people in our parishes share in the work of ministry such as leading acts of worship.

Benefice/Team Administrator

Ms Christine Hall   (contact Christine)

Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council Officers

Parish of Layer de la Haye - St John The Baptist, Layer de la Haye

Churchwardens:Mrs Sandra Lennox.
Mr Tony Jack
PCC Lay Vice Chair:Mr David Jones.
PCC Secretary:Mrs Rosemary Gissler-Weber.
PCC Treasurer:Mrs Anne Hughes.
Electoral Roll Officer:Mrs Margaret Weir.
Deanery Synod Representative:  Mrs Rosemary Gissler-Weber.

Parish of Layer Breton with Birch - St Mary The Virgin, Layer Breton

Churchwarden:Mrs Liz Dingle.
PCC Lay Vice Chair:Mrs Claire Cottrell.
PCC Secretary:Mrs Liz Dingle.
PCC Treasurer:Mr John Bagley.
Electoral Roll Officer:Mrs Liz Dingle.
Deanery Synod Representative:  Mrs Debbie Walsham.

Parish of Layer Marney - St Mary The Virgin, Layer Marney

Churchwardens:Mr Graham Howlett and Mrs Judith Bancroft.
PCC Secretary:Mrs Gill Brown.
PCC Treasurer:Mr Nigel Thompstone.
Deanery Synod Representative:  Mrs Gill Brown.

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