Thurstable and Winstree Team Ministry

serving the parishes of Tolleshunt Knights with Tiptree, Great Braxted, Copford, Easthorpe, Messing, Inworth,
Layer de la Haye, Layer Breton with Birch, and Layer Marney

The 'Layer' Parishes: Layer de la Haye • Layer Breton with Birch • Layer Marney

The Benefice of Thurstable and Winstree

The Benefice of Thurstable and Winstree came into being on Tuesday, 1st October 2013, when nine parishes of three former benefices were brought together in one new benefice.

Under the provisions of the Pastoral Scheme for the creation of this benefice, each of the nine parishes retains its distinct identity and each of the nine churches retains its status as a parish church.

The current Team Vicar is the Revd Lydia Smith who has day to day responsibility for the parishes of Copford, Easthorpe, Layer de la Haye, Layer Breton with Birch and Layer Marney.

The Ministry Team, led by the Team Rector, Anne-Marie Renshaw, includes other licensed and authorised ministers (clerical and lay)

The Parishes and Churches of the Benefice

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